Team Vermont Snow Sculpting Heading to Internationals

Published 01/08 2014 09:40PM

Updated 01/08 2014 11:13PM

Burlington, VT --- Next week a team of competitors from Vermont will head to an international competition in Breckenridge, CO to literally carve snow. It's the Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Competition.

"A lot of people think about cold weather sculpting and they think about ice sculpture which is the smaller blocks of ice. But snow sculpture is a massive endeavor." said Team Vermont Snow Sculpting captain Michael Nedell.

"So, you have a block of 22 tons of snow and somewhere inside of that is the sculpture." explained Alex Dostie. "So the first thing we have to do is remove all the snow that shouldn't be there." 

Team Vermont, the 2012 US National Champions, believe their experience will help them to the podium this time.

"This'll be our fourth time going to to international competition," said Nedell "And I think the first few times we learned what it takes to win."

"Forcing people to really have to engage with the sculpture on a more intimate level is something we've been working on for the last few years." Alex said. 

Friday night, January 10th, these local Vermont artists are holding a fundraiser at Arts Riot at 7pm to help raise money for travel expenses and supplies. They'll also be showing off the model for this year's piece. This year's design is a sheet of music wrapped to form a cylinder around a conductor in the middle.

"The conductor will be about 9-feet tall." Nedell said. "He'll probably come up to right about there. And the more dynamic pose that he can have, the better." 

"Some people like to ski, I like to carve snow." said teammate Brooke Montie.

"After 4 days of extreme hard work and labor, to see a finished 15-foot tall sculpture is pretty gratifying." said Dostie.

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