Winter Sports Spectacular: The Cochran Way

Published 02/18 2014 11:13PM

Updated 02/18 2014 11:44PM

Richmond, VT -- If you've ever wondered where all of Vermont's world class skiers come from, Cochran's Ski Area in Richmond, VT is a good place to begin your search. Ten members of the Cochran family have skied for the US Ski Team using the Cochran Way.

"People say that when you come here, it's kind of a magical place and I agree." said 1972 gold medalist Barbara Ann Cochran from the Cochran Ski Area.

Barbara Ann brought that magic with her to Sapporo, Japan in 1972, winning gold in slalom for Team USA. 42 years later, she's still on the same hill where she learned to ski, passing on the Cochran Way.

Technically, their way is a carve turn or a racing turn; teaching it even to beginning skiers. But Cochran says it's much more than that. 

"It's the whole philosophy of family values. I think it's love of sport. I think it's healthy lifestyle." Cochran explained.

They're known as the Skiing Cochran's, earning that moniker in the 70's when 4 siblings (Marilyn Cochran Brown, Barbara Ann Cochran, Bob Cochran and Lindy Cochran Kelley) starred on the slopes in US Skiing. 

Since then, the Cochran's have produced 6 more current or former members of the US Ski Team including Barbara Ann's son Ryan Cochran-Siegle and his cousins Jessica, Tim and Robby Kelley (Lindy), Jimmy Cochran (Bob) and Roger Brown (Marilyn). All of them starting on the hill behind the Cochran family home on the banks of the Winooski River. 

"I mean the reason that they bought this home in Richmond was because it had a hill behind it that he could build a rope tow so we could train during the week and not just ski on weekends." said Barbara Ann of her parents, Mickey and Ginny Cochran.

The success of the Skiing Cochran's always goes back to their patriarch, Mickey Cochran. 

"The sports psychology piece, he was masterful at that." Barbara Ann said. "Just intuitively. It wasn't anything he studied or anything. But he could bring out the best in us. And I really think that the way he thought, allowed us to be the best that we could be."

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