10.2.13 Northern Lights Dance Across Sky

The Northern Lights made an appearance in the night sky last night.
Near peak foliage is already coloring the landscape, and last night, the color extended into the night sky.

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, danced across the sky just after midnight. A viewer sent us this picture from Saranac, New York. New Hampshire's Mount Washington Observatory also reported seeing the lights.

The Northern Lights were triggered by a moderate geomagnetic storm- basically a storm on the sun. That storm sent a bundle of electrically charged particles (energy) hurtling towards the Earth. Collisions between those particles and our atmosphere created the yellowish-green coloring.

While the show was likely most robust last night, the Northern Lights may again be visible tonight. Look north, away from lights, to see if you get lucky.
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