12.25.13 1st Consecutive Cold Months in Years

For the first time in over four years, two consecutive months in Burlington may go down as below average.
All but seven days this month have been below average in Burlington, leaving the month 3.0 colder than it should be. Temperatures will moderate somewhat this weekend, but that simply means a return to normal conditions (highs near 30). Next week, in the last few days of the month and year, temperatures will slip back into the teens. That means December will very likely end up staying colder than average.

If that is the case, it would make this November & December the first two consecutive below average months in more than four years. Recall that November featured temperatures 2.6 degrees below the average.

The last time two back-to-back months were colder than normal: September & October 2009. Between then and now just five other months have been below average, so you get the idea, in recent history this is somewhat unusual.
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