1.4.14 Why the Different Colors?

There was a spectacular sunset Saturday night, but what caused the difference in color around the area?
Did you catch that stunning sunset Saturday night? The sunrise during the morning wasn't bad either. In many cases, vibrant sunsets like the one we saw tonight occur when high pressure is located just to the west. Recall that high pressure brings stable weather conditions, which can loft things like dust in the air (Learn more in this prior Weather School lesson).

While that leads to colorful sunsets, there is no "standard" color. For example, tonight's sunset was more purple in the Champlain Valley and Central Vermont, but more red and yellow farther south. The difference in color is impacted by the clouds and particle density overhead. In the Champlain Valley the clouds were higher in the atmosphere, while farther south the clouds were thicker with more particles overhead leading to the deeper colored sunset.

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