1.8.14 Northern Lights Possible

A solar storm may provide Northern Lights for a few lucky sky watchers.
According to the Space Weather Prediction Center, a storm on the sun is now classified as "strong." The S3 storm, right in the middle of an intensity scale ranging from 1 to 5 (5 being the most intense), will impact Earth on both Thursday and Friday.

On those days a bundle of energy ejected from the sun will interact with Earth's magnetic field. When that happens colorful Northern Lights can result. It's hard to know for sure if the Northern Lights will be seen, but if they do dance across the sky the first chance would be between midnight and dawn on Thursday. They are possible again Thursday night into very early Friday as well.

The best chance of seeing the Northern Lights is, as the name says, north! Unfortunately that's also where the most clouds will be tonight.

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