9.23.13 Winter Arrives in the Peaks

The first day of fall looked more like winter in the high terrain.
Today was the first full day of fall, but it felt much more like winter in some of the peaks.

Early this morning New Hampshire's Mount Washington logged its first snow of the season, just under 1". It may sound early, but in reality the average first inch of snow typically falls in mid to late September.

Atop Whiteface in New York, flurries fell amongst the changing foliage. Recall that the final snow of this past season fell around Memorial Day!

Vermont's highest mountain, Mansfield, didn't see snow, but it did see the build up of some rime ice. Rime ice forms when chilly water droplets in the atmosphere latch on to surfaces like bushes and trees.

The next few days will feature increasing sunshine, and warming temperatures. Mountain temperatures will climb from the 40s on Tuesday, to 50s by mid week. We'll be in the 60s by the weekend!
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