9.24.13 Cat & Mouse with Clouds

While most enjoy beautiful weather this week, some are still dealing with lingering clouds.
When the weather is quiet, meteorologists can fixate on minor things. This week, that fixation surrounds cloud cover.

Monday boasted lots of sunshine across Southern and Central Vermont, while northern areas dealt with clouds for most of the day. Those clouds stuck around Monday night, admittedly, much to my surprise.

Today, Tuesday, the clouds behaved as expected. Early clouds melted away to abundant sunshine in most areas, but in the Northeast Kingdom and across Northern New Hampshire, the sunshine was blotted out by clouds dropping in from the northeast during the last part of the day.

The source of these obnoxious, and tough to forecast, clouds is a persistent area of low pressure located over the Canadian Maritimes. For days the storm has been sending spokes of moisture, and resultant clouds, into our (mostly) northern areas.

After keeping the brakes on for days, this area of low pressure will finally spin out to sea over the next few days.

That means I expect more of the same Wednesday- most sun south and west, most clouds north and east. By Thursday everyone should enjoy more sunshine, and that sun will carry us into the weekend as temperatures climb a few degrees each day.
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