Big Game Forecast!

Weather predictions for Sunday, February 2.
From Meteorologist Steve Glazier

Have you caught our Big Game Forecast on our Fox/Abc news programming? I hope so! Here's a look at the latest forecast from Thursday, January 23. Take into consideration this forecast was made 250+ hours away from game time. As you know, weather can change in an instant. This will be a constantly-updated forecast which will evolve over time, especially being several days away from kickoff.

As it appears with the latest weather model guidance, colder than average weather will lead right into the game. The weekend of Feb1/2 will be on the end of a very cold streak of weather this area will see (New Jersey/Metlife). However that weekend will be a transition, from the cold air to more 'seasonable' weather conditions (aka warmer). When transitions take place there is usually precipitation associated with it. However not always. Medium range ensemble forecasts run weather predictions as far as two weeks in advance. Each weather model is slightly changed to incorporate slightly different weather conditions. The MREF's prediction is for dry and cool weather. Our forecast (Michael Page, Kerrin Jeromin, and myself) is about 20 degrees and a partly cloudy, dry weather condition. Again, we'll update this forecast each day (usually twice daily) to narrow in on kickoff weather conditions. That being said, a snowstorm is still not out of the possibility, given this area this time of the year. However it appears less likely than more likely at the moment.
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