Cancellations at Burlington Airport

Cancellations at Burlington Airport

Hundreds of passengers had their flights delayed or canceled as weather in other cities caused problems in Burlington.
SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT - When flying comes to a stand still making it out can mean a matter of minutes.

"2:23 PM there is a flight on time. 2:25 canceled," Sagar Gudipelli said.

Gudipelli is trying to fly his brother-in-law to Washington D.C. to eventually catch his flight to Hyderabad, India. His 2:25 PM flight is canceled but two minutes earlier the same flight has no issues.

"The frustration is why it's canceled. We don't know," Gudipelli said.

Their frustration is shared by hundreds as dozens of flights out of Burlington were canceled or delayed Monday. Many say they tried calling the airline before heading to the airport, like Amy Hugo, whose son's flight back to college in Florida was canceled.

"You call and they say "oh no we're busy, call back later" click," Hugo said.

Some passengers in line have taken to measuring how far they've gone by how many tiles spaces they've moved up. One passenger told she was in line for five hours to reschedule a flight.

But the problem is not in Burlington.

"We're one of the few airports in the area that is basically open right now," Airport Operations foreman Doug Wood said.

Wood says flights headed to Boston and Portland landed in Burlington because of the weather.

But now some of the bigger airports aren't able to add any incoming flights from Burlington.

"The Philadelphia's, the Newark's the JFK's the Laguardia's," Wood said.

"They are improving but they're so backed up I guess that they don't want to continue the flights," Wood said.

United Airways passed out apologies to passengers, saying they'd waive transfer and cancellation fees.

Most travelers are just trying to find any way out possible.
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