Car Idling Myths

Your car needs less time to warm-up than you might think.
COLCHESTER, Vt. - We hear a lot we have to warm-up the car to make sure there isn't damage to the engine.

But the car actually needs a lot less time than you'd think.

We talked to staff at the Certification for Sustainable Transportation at UVM. They've studied car warm-up times by looking at research and talking to manufacturers.

They say at zero or above your car doesn't need any warm-up time, simply start the car and go, just don't drive too aggressively.

Below zero, requires just a little time.

Now here's another myth involving leaving your car idling when you run into a store: turning it off is probably the best option for the car.

"We generally tell folks to follow a thirty second rule. If they think they're going to be idling their vehicle or parked for more than 30 seconds, that's when they shut down," says David Kestenbaum, director of Certification for Sustainable Transportation.

Researchers say of course put your health and safety first, including for heat and defrosting windows.

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