Cold Weather Experiments: We used a banana as a hammer!

We freeze an egg, and use a banana as a hammer!
If it's 15 below zero, frostbite can form in just 15 minutes!

Today, is that cold!

Your nose, fingers, ears and toes are usually first to go.

The reason your toes always feel the coldest is because they're the furthest away from your heart, so there's not as much circulation.

Fletcher Allen has seen a number of cases of frostbite already this season.

“Your skin will look pale, it'll feel a little firm to the touch and waxy feeling and the sensation in that part will be frozen and numb, so you won't feel it. You'll start to feel cold or shivering a little bit and that's a sign to get into the warmth!" Stephen Leffler, Chief Medical Officer said.

Even more so than frostbite, falls have been a big problem this winter because of the icy roads.

In just ten days, Fletcher Allen has seen 30 wrist fractures.

But we also had some fun in the cold! We froze an egg, a t-shirt and used a banana as a hammer!


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