Council Looks to Tackle Bullying in Vt.

Council Looks to Tackle Bullying in Vt.

A council in Vermont is looking to help fight bullying in schools.
The Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying Advisory Council presented a report Thursday to the House and Senate Committees on Education .  

The council recently visited five schools in the state. It was part of a listening tour. Students got a chance to weigh-in on what problems they face.

State education leaders want to be able to study bullying better, since it is rarely reported.

“We don’t have a good source of data right now in the state of Vermont about incidents of bullying and harassment,” explains Tracie Tsugawa, a member of the Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying Advisory Council.

The council hopes to launch a survey this spring to better understand bullying in schools.

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