Creative Cocktail: Discovering the Blue Blazer

There are more choices than just champagne to celebrate the new year.
BURLINGTON, Vt. - New Year's Eve is the night many people pop open the bubbly. But there are more choices than just champagne to celebrate the new year.

At Church & Main Restaurant bartender John Black introduced us to the Blue Blazer.

First, Black placed a glass over hot water. That's how he warmed some rum and bourbon. A strike of the lighter and this is when the Blue Blazer earns its name.

Black poured the flaming mixture between two mugs.
"Not only is it getting the liquid a lot hotter in there. But is it changing the flavor of the drink also?" asked FOX 44/ABC 22's Matt Austin.

"It's burning off the overproof rum so what you're going to be left with is more of the bourbon. So it's going to have more of a smokey texture to it," says Black.
"How many people just order this drink just for this show?" asked Austin.

"People have come in three people in a row and order it. But very few people know about it. The ones who come back and definitely order it again and bring friends," says Black.
After a couple more pours, the flame only gets bigger and bigger. The final steps include a dash of cinnamon, a few shakes, and a pour through a strainer.

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