3.1.14 A Glimmer of Hope

3.1.14 A Glimmer of Hope

March starts cold, but offers a glimmer of hope.
March picks up right where February, and the rest of winter, left off: cold.

Temperatures this week will run up to 20 degrees below average at times. That means instead of seeing highs around 34, which is average in the Champlain Valley, highs will remain stuck in the teens and 20s! Morning low temperatures will begin on either side of zero, if not colder in some of the outlying areas through the Northeast Kingdom and Adirondacks.

There is some good news though. The unseasonably cold pattern will steer any storms south of us, keeping our weather quiet all week. Plus, with the help of strengthening March sun, the bright conditions will take the edge off of the chill.

We won't climb back closer to average until late week.

Looking forward even more so, climatology tells us we have nice times ahead. By the end of March, our average high surges up to 47! Boy, won't that feel nice!
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