3.27 Keep Those Snow Tires On!

Meteorologist Steve Glazier still has his snow tires on. Is that a sign?
Meteorologist Steve Glazier still has his snow tires on. Is that a sign?

It is!

It's that situation where you pull into the parking lot and see people's windshield wipers up. Coworkers do it to me all the time, 'Steve I didn't see your bicycle outside, is it going to rain?' That's usually answered by a 'yes' from me.

I'm still rocking the snow tires on my car, no, not biking yet this Spring because of how cold and icy it has been lately. I'm looking at the calendar and eyeballing the week of April 7-11 to get my snow tires off and the all-seasons back on. Here's why.

We can still get some bigtime snow! In fact looking back at the data, Burlington averages its last 1 inch of snow on April 5th, last trace amount of snow on April 15th (trace is the least measurable amount). However the Burlington area has gotten 3" of snow as late as May 9th, 6 inches of snow as late as April 19th, and a foot of snow as late as April 9th! You can read the full report here:


Now that is just for the Burlington area, one of the warmest places in the Champlain Valley and certainly compared to the surrounding hills. I'm eyeballing the week of the 7-11 of April because there is still a high likelihood of snow Saturday to Sunday March 29-30 of even up to a couple of inches, then conditions will be unsettled through the first week of April with rain showers during the day and subfreezing nights.

Burlington's average low temperature reaches to 32 degrees in early April so that's another sign of change. Also the Climate Prediction Center estimates a colder than average start to April with the first several days of the month below average (avg. low = 30 and high = near 50). That would probably translate to 20s to 40s from night to day for us. You can check in on that site here. With the way this Winter has been, I'm not putting anything past the chance of getting an epic Spring snow!
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