4.5.14 Lake Still Ice Covered

Most of Lake Champlain remains frozen, but the ice is weakening.
We're now a few days into April, but Lake Champlain remains mostly covered with ice.

This is the latest satellite image taken Friday. There are a few things to notice:

-The ice is thickest around the Lake Champlain Islands (brightest white)
-The ice is thinning to the south (it's more of that grey color)
-The Grand Isle-Plattsburgh and Charlotte-Essex crossings both remain ice free (look closely!)

We've said it before, but it's worth repeating: just because there's still plenty of ice, it is most definitely not safe to be on. It's become very slushy and unstable. That trend will continue as highs reach the 40s and 50s each day through the extended period.
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