5.31.14 May Finishes Warm

For the first time in months, temperatures ended above average in May.
Even though the last few days of May ended cooler than average, the month as a whole ended up above average temperature wise.

It's the first time since October this has happened, since the winter and spring were so chilly.

Take a look at the departures from average, in Burlington, for the past few months:

May 2014 (through 5/30): +2.8
April 2014: -0.2
March 2014: -8.9
February 2014: -1.3
January 2014: -0.4
December 2013: -2.3
November 2013: -2.6
October 2013: +3.6

The image above shows the daily high temperature in Burlington, with color coded squares. Blue=below average, black=average, red=above average.

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