5.31.14 May Finishes Warm

5.31.14 May Finishes Warm

For the first time in months, temperatures ended above average in May.
Even though the last few days of May ended cooler than average, the month as a whole ended up above average temperature wise.

It's the first time since October this has happened, since the winter and spring were so chilly.

Take a look at the departures from average, in Burlington, for the past few months:

May 2014 (through 5/30): +2.8
April 2014: -0.2
March 2014: -8.9
February 2014: -1.3
January 2014: -0.4
December 2013: -2.3
November 2013: -2.6
October 2013: +3.6

The image above shows the daily high temperature in Burlington, with color coded squares. Blue=below average, black=average, red=above average.

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