7.28.13 Record Rain, Tornado Ahead of Front

7.28.13 Record Rain, Tornado Ahead of Front

Storms ahead of a cold front brought heavy rain and even a tornado to parts of the Northeast.
A cold front that brought us some showers and downpours today created much more impressive weather to our southwest.

On Saturday a storm produced an EF-1 tornado in Southern New York. Remember that tornadoes are ranked on the enhanced-fujita scale (EF) according to damage. An EF-0 produces the least amount of damage, while an EF-5 boasts the strongest winds and most severe damage.

Saturday's twister had peak winds of 100 mph as it blew through Troupsburg and Rathbone. A barn and trailer were destroyed as its peak width reached 500 yards. The storm lasted from 6:10-6:40 PM, hopscotching on the landscape for 14 miles.

Then, on Sunday, separate storms associated with the cold front drenched Philadelphia. The flooding rains amounted to a staggering 7.90", smashing the prior all-time one day total of 6.63" set during Tropical Storm Floyd in 1999. Records in Philly go back to 1872.

-Meteorologist Michael Page
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