8.14.13 Tropics Heating Up

8.14.13 Tropics Heating Up

Late August begins the peak of hurricane season, and right on schedule, activity is picking up.
Atlantic hurricane season officially peaks on September 10, but starting in late August we begin the ramp up to that peak. And right on schedule, we're watching that happen.

The National Hurricane Center is tracking two areas of likely development. One area of disturbed weather is about to strike the Yucatan. Another is lurking just off the African coast.

The system heading into Mexico won't have too much time to develop, but it still may reach tropical storm status (winds at or over 39 MPH).

The system just off of Africa has better odds of developing into a named storm since it has a long trip across the Atlantic ahead. Recall that warm water (over 80 degrees, ideally) is food for developing tropical systems.

We'll watch that one closely, as an area of high pressure will be located near or just offshore the east coast. That may help steer the storm towards the United States, if it develops. Of course that's still a ways off. Stay tuned!
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