8.15.13 Erin Forms Far Away

Erin forms in the Atlantic.
Just last night we were watching two areas for possible development in the tropical Atlantic. And right on schedule, Tropical Storm Erin was born.

Erin formed early Thursday near Cape Verde, an island nation located off the western tip of Africa. As of now the storm has 40 mph sustained winds, the minimum threshold to be a Tropical Storm. Over the next several days the storm is expected to maintain tropical storm status as it moves westward across the Atlantic. By the middle of the week it will be nearing the Caribbean.

The other area of disturbed weather we were watching has come onshore in the Yucatan, but remains poorly organized. As the system re-emerges in the Gulf there is still a chance it develops into something. At the very least it may bring some heavy rain to the Gulf Coast states over the next couple days.
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