8.16.13 Battle of Bennington History

Today's state holiday in Vermont marks the Battle of Bennington- and it was impacted by weather.
Today, August 16, is Bennington Battle Day in Vermont. The state holiday honors a revolutionary war victory over British troops that threatened the southern Vermont city on this date in 1777.

During the summer of 1777 British General John Burgoyne marched south from the Champlain Valley towards Albany. The red-coats hoped to conquer New York, isolating the rebellious colonies. As the troops marched south, supply lines were stretched thin. Burgoyne planned to send crews to nearby Bennington to acquire food and tools. Getting wind of the impending attack, Vermont and New Hampshire militia marched west to meet the British.

Heavy rains delayed the British attack on Bennington, giving the colonists even more time to prepare. They defeated the British, leaving them weaker still. The British surrendered soon after losing subsequent battles.

Interestingly enough, the battle ended up taking place on New York, and not Vermont, soil.
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