8.28.13 Unsettled Through Weekend

8.28.13 Unsettled Through Weekend

Our weather pattern remains fairly unsettled through the weekend
Unsettled weather will remain the rule right through the weekend, thanks in part to the configuration of the jet stream.

Recall the jet stream is the river of fast moving air high in the atmosphere. It steers our weather. Right now the middle of the country is baking under a huge area of hot high pressure. The jet stream is riding right over that bubble of heat, sending pockets of energy through New England.

Each pocket of energy that rotates through brings a new chance of showers and thunderstorms for us. So, while there are no major storms (or washouts) in the forecast we will be occasionally wet.

Wednesday brings scattered showers and storms, especially during the afternoon. Thursday will also bring some showers and storms, but they'll be more isolated in nature. Keep in mind that not every town will get hit, and while not raining we'll enjoy a mix of sun and clouds. Friday may actually be a dry day.

Then all eyes turn to the weekend. Saturday and Sunday...for now...look to feature a mix of sun and clouds, along with a few hit and miss showers. I wouldn't cancel any outdoor plans, but have a back-up plan in case a shower moves through.

Monday brings a much better chance of more widespread showers and storms as a cold front moves in.
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