8.29.13 Snowy Stats

8.29.13 Snowy Stats

Summer continues for a few more weeks, but snow is possible even this time of year.
August doesn't conjure up many images of snow, but the white stuff isn't unheard of this early.

On this date in 1965 (August 29) 2.5" of snow fell atop New Hampshire's Mount Washington. That's the highest snowfall amount recorded anywhere in the country during the month of August.

Yesterday, August 28, was a different snowy anniversary. On that date in 1986 Vermont's highest peak measured 0.2" of snow, the earliest measurable snowfall on Mt. Mansfield. The earliest 1" of snow on Mt. Mansfield fell on September 15, 1959.

It will stay warm and muggy in the peaks this weekend, but next week, there are hints of a big time cool down.

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