Big Game on Fox44: Steven Hauschka has been 'Hausch-money' for Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Kicker Steven Hauschka has been one of the most reliable kickers in the NFL, and it all traces back to his time at Middlebury College.
 "I never ever thought I'd be playing professional football leaving Middlebury. My goal leaving Middlebury was to try to play Division I football. Fortunately I was able to walk-on at NC State." 

Steven Hauschka impressed at NC State. Signed in the NFL, undrafted with the Batlimore Ravens, and spent time with 6 different pro teams including Sunday's Super Bowl opponent the Denver Broncos. Eventually, Hauschka landed in Seattle, becoming one of the most consistent kickers in the league.

"At Middlebury, they really teach you how to think for yourself. They have a lot of small classrooms. They have a lot of professors that push you in a direction of thinking for yourself. I think it's helped me throughout my career kind of analyze what things lead to good kicks, what things lead to a good season, good preparation. Those are the types of factors that at this level I think distinguishes you from your peers."

He'll have an opportunity to distinguish himself yet again Sunday. And if it comes down to Hauschka for the win, his coach, Pete Carroll knows what to do. He even has a nickname for Hauschka.

"Hausch-Money? He's been...he's just been...money."
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