Break-Ins in Montpelier Rising

Break-Ins in Montpelier Rising

Police addressed city council Wednesday about the growing problem.
Montpelier, VT - Police in Vermont's capital are working to curb a growing problem. Break-ins to homes and cars have risen dramatically over the summer.

Police Chief Anthony Facos points to one day as the boiling point.

"September 4th was really a game changer," Facos said.

That day police began investigating four separate burglaries. Three at homes in residential areas. One a smash and grab job at Katie's Jewels on State Street. In all four cash and jewelry were the targets.

Montpelier Police have worked on far more break-ins this year. From June 1 to September 17 of 2012 they investigated eight.

"This year we have 25 burglary investigations or reports of burglary in that time period," Facos said.

It's one of the reasons Facos was asked to speak before Montpelier's city council Wednesday.

"This is an unusual occurrence in Montpelier and part of the problem is just our role as councilors mine as Mayor is to understand what's going on in Montpelier," Mayor John Hollar said.

Hollar recently even had his vehicle broken into and his Ipad stolen. It was parked just outside his office on State Street.

There have been 55 thefts from cars since June 1st. Chief Facos says that much of that can be solved by the public taking better care of their property. Most of the break-ins were into unlocked cars, including Hollar's.

"Lock their doors both their cars and their home to protect their property," Facos said.

Facos says they have a plan to bring down the number of burglaries. While he wouldn't get into specifics he says a lot of people won't notice the work unless it's successful.

Hollar says he'd be willing to help police but the Mayor believes police can eventually bring the burglaries and thefts under control.

"I think they have adequate resources and are fully engaged to address the problem," Hollar said.
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