Burlington Close to Landing F-35 Mission

Burlington Close to Landing F-35 Mission

A final version of the F-35 Environmental Impact Statement has been released.
BURLINGTON, Vt. - A final version of the F-35 Environmental Impact Statement has been released.

It says Burlington is in line to receive those F-35 fighter jets.

Air Force Final Environmental Impact Statement

The report looked at five bases and considered everything from construction to noise levels. From the five, the Air Force selected two places it said would be best for a new F-35 mission. One preferred spot is Burlington.

"It just re-enforces the fact that we know that the Vermont Air National Guard is the best of the best," says Nicole Citro, founder of the Green Ribbons for the F35, a guard support group.

Citro has faced tough opposition.

Rosanne Greco is a South Burlington city councilor and retired Air Force colonel.

"I've actually been told the Air Force doesn't think Burlington is the preferred site but they've been directed to make it the preferred site," says Greco.

Greco says the choice of Burlington has more to do with politics. Now she's hoping the City of Burlington, which owns the airport and leases space to the Guard, votes to block the F-35 mission.

"I think it would be a wise thing to do because there are so many risks involved with this new aircraft. So many concerns that need to be addressed," says Greco.

That could be one of the last options for opponents and F-35 supporters are hopeful that too won't work.

"We're confident that we've seen as we've gone through every step that Burlington, more specifically Vermont Air National Guard, has shown time and time again they are the best location," says Citro.

Now this report, while final, does not become official until thirty days after its release. Then the Air Force can make its decision.

It says the jets could land an their new locations as soon as in two-years.

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