Caledonia County Fair Preview!

Caledonia County Fair Preview!

The Caledonia County Fair starts Wednesday. Enjoy a preview before you go!
LYNDONVILLE, Vt. - A day before Caledonia County Fair gates open Wednesday morning, the grounds were buzzing with preparations and even competition.

Superintendent of Floral Hall Kathy Stetson says, "we have five entries for a five alarm chili contest."

A spicy treat for testers, and a fitting start to a fair aimed at honoring fire fighters.

“The theme this year is fired up family fun,” Stetson says.

This year's fair brings new events, including daily alligator shows, and classic favorites. Dick Lawrence has been associated with the fair for decades, and says "our demo derby without hesitation is one of our bigger events- we'll have as many as one-hundred cars in that on Sunday."

Each day boasts a different theme, and different activities.

“We try to have a variety of things so that everyone can at least spend one day at the Caledonia County Fair,” Lawrence says.

The fair starts on Wednesday with kids day, perfect for barn yard animal petting or even some activities to go along with the fair's theme honoring firefighters. For example, local fire departments will host a kids challenge course.

"From putting on bunker gear, rolling a hose, hitting a target with water of course,” Stetson says of the event.

Fair goers will also enjoy a new road leading to the parking area among other improvements.

“We also put down asphalt serving the area where the midway is located so the customers are on asphalt not gravel or dirt,” Lawrence says.
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