Centerline Rumble Strips Hit Morristown Road

Rumble strips will grace Route 12 in Morristown this fall, but not everyone is in favor of the upgrade.
MORRISTOWN, Vt.- Vermont's Agency of Transportation began tearing up the road on Route 12 in Morristown, Vermont last month.  Crews will lay new pavement, complete with center-line rumble strips.  

I've seen rumble strips in New Hampshire and they're a mess," says Herb Parkhurst who lives on Route 12.  "I'd just prefer not to have it, the noise."

Town Administrator says at a public meeting Monday, all community members opposed the plan, as did Morristown's Selectboard.

"People want to open up their windows in the spring and summer," says Town Administrator Dan Lindley.  "The perception is, true or untrue, that these things do create a lot of noise."

The rumble strips would start where Morristown's city limits begin and stretch 2.9 miles to Elmore State Park.

V-Trans says there are 85 miles of center-line rumbles scattered across Vermont and making roads safer everywhere is their goal.

"Several years ago, I was driving and dozed and the rumble strip brought me quickly to attention and I avoided an accident," says Susanna Guthmann who lives near Route 12.  "I've supported them for many years."

This summer, the agency plans to add another 120 miles throughout Vermont.  V-Trans says since 2009, there have been nearly 4,000 crashes in Vermont related to drivers crossing the center line.  These crashes have resulted in 94 deaths.

To view V-trans statistics regarding rumble strips, click here.
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