Changes for Vt. Hunting Signs

Changes for Vt. Hunting Signs

Changes are coming to how Vermonters can keep people off their land.
MONTPELIER, Vt. - Changes are coming to how Vermonters can keep people off their land.
The state is drafting new rules concerning those hard to miss no hunting signs and not everyone is happy with the changes.

"What we are trying to do is get standard signs," says Mark Scott, director of wildlife at Vermont Fish & Wildlife.

Scott and others from Vermont Fish & Wildlife answered questions about the proposed new signs in Montpelier Wednesday.

The new signs which could be enforced by Fish & Wildlife are simpler, telling people no hunting, fishing or trapping or for the first time by permission only.

"It's a friendlier way we think for landowners to send a message to other fellow Vermonters about their land," says Scott.

But here's the catch. Right now, the idea is nothing can be added to the signs including no trespassing to stop other people besides hunters.

To stop other people, landowners would have to add a second sign saying no trespassing. People were concerned about the work and cost of having to do that.

Landowners still have to date a sign every year, register with the town clerk, and post them every 400 feet around the property.

Hunters caught breaking the law could lose their hunting license for a year.

The sign change passed the legislature last year and it just needs the rules finalized. That's expected later this month and then it needs an okay from a legislative committee.
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