Clean Up After Storm Closes Schools, Roads

Clean Up After Storm Closes Schools, Roads

Houses, cars and all sorts of property damaged in Orange and Windsor counties.

Hartland, VT - Darren Nolet almost couldn't believe what his neighbors said to him, about his home on Martinsville road.


“I couldn't get back down the road and the people at the end of the road said you don't want to see your house,” Nolet said.


Now Nolet and his friends are picking up the pieces.


“That tree came down totally across it smashed it,” Nolet said pointing to his now ruined boat.


“That tree came right straight across that boat and landed on that porch.”


Nolet estimates more than $50,000 of damage was done. His home wasn't the only one hit hard as people toured the destruction.


“I just don't know how to describe it.”


Amanda and her son Owen live within walking distance of Hartland Elementary School. Owen had no need to stroll to school today; his was one of eight across the region closed. The dugout for his baseball team in was destroyed.


“It's pretty bad, really bad,” Owen said.


All down Martinsville road the picture was clear.


“There's no power. There's no power on the whole street,” Nolet said.


Power crews from all across New England have come here to help restore electricity today but even with all of that assistance it could still be out well into Friday


But in the meantime people are recovering how they can.


“Now we're just cleaning up the brush. If I didn't have friends like this it would be terrible,” Nolet said.

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