Efficiency Vermont Offers Advice to Cutback on Energy Use

Efficiency Vermont is giving advice on how to cut back on energy use during peak days in the summer.

Burlington, Vt.- If you are a customer of green mountain power you may be getting some important mail this week.

Efficiency Vermont is asking 35,000 Green Mountain Power customers for feedback on energy use, and in turn, is providing them with personalized energy saving tips.

"These are the days that are the hottest, when everybody's cranking up the air conditioner, where you can really feel we're using a lot more energy," said spokesperson for Efficiency Vermont Kelly Lucci.

Lucci is talking about peak days, where everyone is trying to cool down at once. That energy overload puts major strain on the grid.

“Power companies have to purchase additional power in order to meet that peak demand, and that power can be two to five times as expensive as conventional power supplies that they're purchasing," Lucci said.

No matter who your energy provider is, there are things you can do to avoid expensive bills.

“It’s not about not doing certain things in your house,” Lucci said. “A lot of it is delaying tasks that take energy to times when the electric system isn't going to be as strained."

Lucci recommends running your appliances at night instead of normal hours. Doing things like closing your blinds and keeping your windows shut will help reduce the work your air conditioner has to do.

A highlight of the new Efficiency Vermont program is the warnings and feedback participants will get right away.

“Ahead of the peak event days, they're going to get 24 hour notice, letting them know we're expecting to call a peak event the following day, providing tips on what they can do,” Lucci said. “But what we're really excited about is that the following day they're actually going to get pretty immediate feedback on the results of the actions that they took.

Efficiency Vermont is giving advice on how to cut back on energy use during peak days in the summer.

Visit their website to contact them.

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