Excellent Experience @ NASCAR

Excellent Experience @ NASCAR

Meteorologist Steve Glazier presented his weather forecast for the Loudon, NH NASCAR race Sunday, making his network TV debut.
From Meteorologist Steve Glazier,

What a weekend! I had the great opportunity to present my weather forecast for the Loudon, NH NASCAR race while making my network TV debut. I wrote a blog last week regarding my forecast and expectations for the racetrack. So how did it go?

I'd say it was a success! I sent my weather forecast for 2pm and 5pm on race day Sunday, Sep 22 a day prior, Saturday. It was a time-sensitive weather forecast as we had steady rain Saturday night along a cold front passing through. I'll get to the verification later on.

I arrived at the track at 7:30am Sunday and was whisked away via golf cart to the Fox Sports television set. I met the on and off-air crew, got my microphone and IFB on, got the rundown, and prepared my face. I had two weather hits, about a minute in length each time, during the two hour show from 9-11am Sunday. The show is called Raceday and it previews the upcoming event. Though nervous the live hits went well and I am pleased with them.

Let's get to the verification process. How did I do? I love to be honest with the viewer and reader about my forecasts. With this one I had my hits and misses. I expected rain to be around in the morning (which it was) but not end until about 12pm-1pm. The rain ended between 7am-8am! So the rain pushed out way earlier than I thought and it cleared up much quicker. I expected a secondary low pressure center to develop along the cold front moving through but it never did. So instead the rain moved out in one swift motion and the rest of the day was dry.

When I submitted my forecast I said:
2pm - Rain ending and mostly cloudy
Temperature of 67 degrees
Relative Humidity of 70%
Wind WNW 8-15 mph.

Here's the actual
2pm 70 degrees, mostly cloudy, 49% humidity and West wind 12 mph.

My 5pm forecast was....
65 degrees - Partly sunny - 64% humidity - NW wind 10-18 mph.

5pm - 65 degrees - mostly cloudy - 56% humidity - W wind 10 mph gusting 20.

As I expected that low to form and the moisture to remain, it didn't and the humidity was much drier! However more or less the verification went well.

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