FAHC Employees without a paycheck

FAHC Employees without a paycheck

A processing gliche in payroll causes some employee's not to get their direct deposits.
Burlington, VT- About 5,000 Fletcher Allen Health Care employees checked their bank accounts on Thursday, expecting a paycheck.
But it wasn't there!

Because of a processing error, automatic deposit didn't happen.
A Fletcher Allen Spokesperson said  it's working with various banks to correct the problem, and some employee accounts are already squared away.
But for others, it'll take some time.

"They're going to be paid, and it's an unfortunate thing, and it does cause some stress for individuals, but we're working as fast as we can to fix it," said Mike Noble, Spokesperson for Fletcher Allen Health Care.

Worst case scenario, employees will have to wait until noon Friday for their paychecks to be deposited.

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