Fit on Fox: Barre

No, it's not a fitness class from Barre, Vermont but a barre type of class!
Brittney and Steve joined Emily Young, the Barre instructor, and a couple others for this edition of Fit on Fox. This week's segment is all about the Barre workout, which is rising in popularity as of late. It is a class that combines ballet, yoga, pilates, some strength training, stretching, etc.

Emily showed Steve and Brittney examples of the exercises, lasting about 30 minutes. While they did not lift the heaviest weights or do the most grueling exercises, this class was all about toning, lifting light weights for long durations, and moving the body in different ways that you may not usually turn! They used 2-3lb weights, did the complete workout barefoot, and did plenty of leg work.

This particular class was taped at Synergy Fitness in Williston, Vermont. The gym is having a demo of Barre Friday, May 30 in the afternoon and evening. You can find other Barre classes around the region.
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