Fit on Fox: Freestyle Workout!

Brittney and Steve jump on trampolines, do flips, bounce into foam pits, and crawl on the floor for this workout!
Bounce....bounce...splat! That was the noise of Steve Glazier's attempt at jumping on the trampolines at Green Mountain Freestyle Center in Williston, VT. Disclaimer: Steve did not get injured, he followed the rules of the trampolines, and landed on a nice, soft padded mat.

Brittney Hibbs joined Steve for this workout routine and had some better luck, attributing her success to being a former cheerleader. GMFC head coach Noah Labow took Brittney and Steve through a warm up, the foam pit, and trampoline workouts. Yes you can get a workout from bouncing on a trampoline! There are many exercises that are core-oriented!

Edward Whitehead was also there, featuring his newly-added Parkour workout center, which is still under construction as of early March. It is expected to be finished by Spring.

Parkour is a workout regarding jumping over objects, crawling, falling safely, etc. You can learn more about it at the website for the facility. We can tell you this is an intense workout too!

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