Fit on Fox: Rowing

A new rowing studio has opened in Burlington and it's a full body workout, featured in this edition of Fit on Fox!
Rowing can be associated with a cardio exercise that is boring and only working your back muscles, but Brittney Hibbs and Steve Glazier found out the hard way that these myths are false!

The two met with Mike Blount, owner of Row VT on Flynn Avenue in Burlington, VT and Annelies Byington who is a frequent rower at the studio. Blount offers an indoor rowing class that uses a water-based rower called Indo-Row. The machine uses the natural resistance of water.

Fit on Fox always focuses on efficient workouts. This workout incorporates 84% of your body's muscle mass, shedding 400-600 calories in a 45 minute class, and is low impact on the body's joints. More information on pricing, schedules, and the classes can be found here:


Steve and Brittney went through a traditional class featuring a warm up and stretch, tutorial on how to correctly row, then row sprints and timed rowing, push ups, sit ups, lunges, and more. The workout wasn't all on the rower, but rather on and off with very short breaks in between.
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