Fletcher Allen Plans New Building

Fletcher Allen Plans New Building

The Green Mountain Care Board has approved Fletcher Allen Health Care's plan for a new inpatient bed facility.
BURLINGTON, Vt. - The state's largest hospital wants the chance to give patients a new and improved place to stay.

The Green Mountain Care Board approved a Conceptual Development Phase Certificate of Need.  This is in the very early stages.

It would likley go on the west side of the campus, near the emergency room.  Fletcher Allen wants a 4-story, in-patient building with room for 128 beds.

Some of the hospital's current facilities are 50 to 70 years old.

"The rooms themselves are really too small for today's contemporary standards. Moving more towards single-bed rooms as opposed to double beds," David Keelty, from Fletcher Allen said.

Keelty says air conditioning is important too!

By the way, a Williston firm, Morris Switzer, has been selected to design it.

There are a lot more planning hurdles to get through yet.

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