Former State Rep. Enters Race for Lt. Governor

Former State Rep. Enters Race for Lt. Governor

Progressive Dean Corren from Burlington plans on running.
BURLINGTON - Someone has entered the race to become Vermont’s Lt. Governor. Dean Corren from Burlington wants the job.

So who is Corren?

- He served in the Vermont house representing Burlington for four terms.

- He calls himself a progressive.

- His background is in renewable energy where he works on turbines run by underwater currents.

- He says his key issue is ensuring universal healthcare an issue he says he would support more than sitting Lt. Governor Phil Scott.

“I think the current office holder is out of step with where Vermonters want to be and they'll have an opportunity to elect someone who is in step and can also provide leadership on it,” Corren said.

“And at the same time is not the same party as the governor since Vermonters likes to have two different parties for Governor and Lt. Governor."

                Lt. Governor Phil Scott says he has every intention of running but right now is focusing on the last few days of the legislative session.

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