Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athlete of the Week: Rice Memorial's Timmy Shea

Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athlete of the Week: Rice Memorial's Timmy Shea

Rice Memorial boys' hockey captain Timmy Shea is our Fox 44/ABC 22 Athlete of the Week.
South Burlington, VT --- Rice Memorial boys' hockey head coach Dennis Vickers hears the same questions from all college coaches. "It doesn't matter how good you are the first three questions I get from college coaches are is he a good kid? What are his grades? And does he work hard?"

When it comes to Rice Memorial captain Timmy Shea, coaches like all of Coach Vickers' answers. Shea is our Fox 44/ABC 22 Athlete of the Week.

"At the end of last year I chose Timmy to be the captain." Vickers said. "I thought he would be a perfect fit. He's a great kid he works hard on and off the ice, in the classroom. He just does things the right way."

"It's a great honor, said Shea. "When my coach told me I was going to be captain last year I started planning things right away. Texting the guys letting them know it's going to be a tough year and we're going to have to go out there work hard and put the effort in to get some wins."

For the Rice senior, the key to success both on and off the ice is simple.

"You gotta go to bed early, get up early, go to work at school, do your homework and try and stay on task and get things done." he said.

The next big decision for Shea is college. He's hoping to join a division 1 hockey program.

"I know how tough it is to play division 1 and my parents and I have been talking about it a lot," Shea said. "You know, do I want to take those years off to play junior hockey and take that route to play college hockey or do I want to go straight into college."

Rice head coach Dennis Vickers calls Shea's greatest strengths are his leadership and his ability to keep a level head.

"He's probably one of the smartest players on our team." Vickers said. "Hockey is a very emotional game. And to have someone who you can look up to who's always going to be playing at an even-keel and playing consistent and working hard day in and day out."

"I'm hoping for the younger guys that I'm teaching them the ways and that they're looking up to me and seeing me as a good person and being a leader is just something I've always wanted to do." said Shea.
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