Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athlete of the Week: Woodstock's Nikolai Davis

Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athlete of the Week: Woodstock's Nikolai Davis

Woodstock freshman kicker Nikolai Davis kicked a game-winning PAT to win the division III state championship game Saturday. Davis is the Fox 44/ABC 22 Athlete of the Week.
Woodstock, VT -- Out of the third down play at the center of the Mill River-Woodstock division III championship game controversy, arose an opportunity for Woodstock. The Wasps seized it then found a hero in a Russian transfer student, freshman kicker Nikolai Davis, our Fox 44/ABC 22 Athlete of the Week. 

"When they told me I had to kick I was really scared and I was just hoping that I was going to make it." Davis said after the game. "Mostly I was just really scared because everybody was depending on me."

"I tried to take his mind off it." said Woodstock head coach Ramsey Worrell. "I talked about my favorite foods. And I asked him what his favorite food was. His was potatoes. So, we talked about potatoes and bacon."

Davis earned all the potatoes and bacon he wants with a state championship winning extra point for Woodstock. His teammates mobbed him after the kick, telling him that this was his win.

"It means they care about me a lot and they help me through this and I love my team." Davis said.

"I knew he'd nail it, you know? He got up there and he boots it for sure." said senior RB Oliver Kaija, who scored the tying touchdown on 4th down that led to Niko's overtime PAT attempt. "Nick's done a great job this year. He kicked it right through there and that's all there was to it."

"I've known him for a long time and I always thought he was a football player." said Worrell. "He came with a natural ability to kick. That's where his impact was today but his future impact is going to be all over the field in the future. But we knew early on he could kick. It's the first pressure kick he's had to kick but he nailed it."
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