Fox44/ABC22 Athlete of the Week: John Bielecki

Hartford's John Bielecki is this week's Fox44/ABC22 Athlete of the Week.

When facing elimination, Hartford's John Bielecki rose to the occasion, making him this week's Fox44/ABC22 Athlete of the Week.

"He's a very good back," says Hartford Hurricanes Head Coach Michael Stone, "In the beginning of the year we didn't use him quite as much, and now we are. He's a good player."

This week, they'll need Bielecki more than ever as they get ready for their biggest challenge of the season, the undefeated Middlebury Tigers.

"It's just the drive to win another championship," says Bielecki, a Hartford Junior, "I want to leave my legacy. I want to leave my class' legacy. I want to keep everything going. We'll show them a completely different effort. We'll show them that we're a different team."

Bielecki has been a part of a very successful Hartford Hurricanes program. Every moment with this team has led him to become the player he is today.

"Coach tells us exactly what we need to do. It all starts day one and then just keep improving on. That's what has helped me get to who I am today."

Bielecki will do whatever it takes to win. Whether it's run the ball hard, make the right tackle, or block on a scoring drive.

As Coach Stone put it best, "Thank God he's on our team." 

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