Fox44/ABC22 Athlete of the Week: Kolby Hanley

Fox44/ABC22 Athlete of the Week: Kolby Hanley

Kobly Hanley is one of the top high school archers in the country, and this week's Fox44/ABC22 Athlete of the Week.
To make it in the sport of archery, you need pin point precision and mandatory muscle memory. 

"To make that perfect shot every time, I have to do the same thing every time."

Above all else, you need a steady shot.

Cambridge's Kolby Hanley has it all. 

It's why he's one of the top Junior Archers in the nation, making him this week's Fox44/ABC22's Athlete of the Week.

"My most recent accomplishment was a couple of weeks ago. down in Louisville Kentucky I won first place in the young adult compound freestyle, and this was a national tournament", said Hanley. "Out of 2014 USA I qualified first for the USA Team."

Kolby's dreams of being one of the best in archery started by watching the pros do it on TV, just not the pros you'd think. 

"I watched the show Survivorman, and he made a bow out of a little sappling and he shot a frog. I decided that'd be cool. So I made a couple and it just progressed from there."

It didn't take long until Kolby was thriving in the sport of archery, each tournament and accomplishment fueling his fire to get better each day.

"I want to be the best but I don't want to have my whole entire life revolve around archery. I'm trying to get into a pretty good college for chemical engineering."
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