Grant Will Help High Schoolers Earn College Credit

Grant Will Help High Schoolers Earn College Credit

A grant will help high schoolers take more college courses at Community College of Vermont.
MONTPELIER, Vt. - More high school students will be able to get a step ahead when it comes to college.

A recent grant will allow more students to take college classes before they get there.

Community College of Vermont's halls are empty, but when school starts college kids won't be the only ones here.

"I'm 17, and formerly went to Montpelier High School."

Nick Stroutsos has been dual-enrolled at CCV and has obtained college credits, while in high school.

"I'll be two years ahead of everybody else, so that's two years of college down before I even get out of high school."

Now a $200,000 grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation will increase the number of college courses a high schooler can take.

"It expands us so that a student will have the access to one voucher during their junior year and one voucher during their senior year. So it double's the number of courses a student can take," CCV president Joyce Judy says.  

Elizabeth King works with dual-enrolled students everyday planning their academic futures.

"They can transfer those credits out or they can stay here and earn a CCV degree," says King.  

King also oversees the voucher program and hopes CCV receives more grants to help Vermont's high schoolers.

"They have a real opportunity to be able to come in. Students who may have not seen themselves as college material, and those who know they want to go to college, this is a real leg up for them," King said.

President Judy says about 1,200 students are currently enrolled in the Introduction to College Studies course and 900 students were dual-enrolled during the previous academic year.

For more information about how to dual-enroll your high schooler, visit

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