Gun Rights Supporters Rally at the Statehouse

Gun Rights Supporters are fighting back against gun control measures favored by voters last Tuesday.
MONTPELIER, Vt. - Gun rights supporters are fighting back against gun control measures favored by voters last Tuesday.

, they rallied at the steps of the Vermont Statehouse to make their voices heard.

According to Eddie Garcia, of the Vermont Citizens Defense League, more than 800 gun right supporters protested against recent Town Meeting Day results in Burlington.

"Now recently, the city of Burlington has asked us to consider charter changes, which I have to confess i don't believe are necessary for the good government of this state," said State Senator Joe Benning, (R) Caledonia.

Vermont lawmakers must give their okay to the three measures before they can become law.

Burlington voters favored tougher rules, including taking guns after a domestic dispute, banning firearms where liquor is served, and requiring safer storage of guns.

"On Tuesday in just one city, over 5,000 came out and voted overwhelmingly to support the burlington charter changes," said Marie Adams, 
GunSense VT.

Adams said the conversation over current gun measures needs to start now between state lawmakers.

"All of those 3 measures are proven to save lives, and so for most people, they feel these are common sense measures."

Both sides said this vote could have statewide implications, translating into more gun control measure in other towns.

"Every town is not as protective as Burlington is. We have rights as citizens to be able to defend ourselves from people that are coming into our houses, and trying to invade, whatever it may be," said John Burdic, gun rights supporter.

While the measures easily passed in Burlington, they are expected to face a much tougher fight in the statehouse.

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