Health Connect Prepares for Small Businesses

Health Connect Prepares for Small Businesses

Countdown to Coverage will visit every county to educate small business owners.

Winooski, VT - The big question for small business owner Chuck Siegel is whether to keep or drop his company's current health insurance plan..


“As it has evolved there has been more and more information and clarification,” Siegel said.


Siegel owns RePro, a printing shop in Winooski, and says he's gone to plenty of Vermont Health Connect forums to make that decision.


“Employers need to make that decision with their employees about whether they're continuing to offer coverage or not offer coverage in January,” Vermont Health Connect Deputy Comissioner Lindsey Tucker said.


Tucker says employers can drop coverage but they will have to pay into the Health Connect system.

Employees would then buy their health insurance from the health exchange.


She says the small business countdown to coverage will visit every county and go a long way to making sure employers know their options.


“There are lots of complicated pieces but we have really great partners and navigators and also in the broker community who are able to sit down with small business employers and employees and figure out what those coverage options are,” tucker said.


Siegel is one of many who have to choose one or the other by the beginning of next year.


“We're going to continue to have a healthcare plan because it wouldn't be fair to the employees cause they'd have to pay after tax dollars which would cost them more money,” Siegel said.


To learn when the Small Business Countdown to Coverage will be near you go to the Vermont Health Connect website.

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