Hunting Season Switch Drives Gun Sales

Hunting Season Switch Drives Gun Sales

As we head into muzzleloader and archery season holiday gun shopping sees a surge.

The holiday season isn't just for shopping for some people but also hunting, and sometimes those two can go hand in hand.

At Parro's Gun Shop in Waterbury owner Henry Parro says they get a rush of customers after thanksgiving.

He says it's because rifle hunting season ends (Sunday, December 1) and muzzle loader and archery season starts a week later (Saturday, December 7).

Parro says he stays busy because people enjoy the switch in season.

People like it. It's a little colder, the deer would be coming into rut, there's usually snow on the ground and less hunters,” Parro said.

For all the info you need on the upcoming hunting season visit the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department website.

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