IPads Stolen from Winooski School

IPads Stolen from Winooski School

Caught on Camera: Thief walks right in and right out with 25 IPads. 25 more stolen over weekend.

WINOOSKI, Vt. - JFK Elementary School in Winooski is out 50 IPads after someone walked right into the school and stole them.

Security camera footage shows a man walking into the Winooski school Tuesday afternoon targeting a cart filled with IPads. Police say he broke into the cart took 25 IPads then took off.

“It took no more then ten minutes,” Winooski Police Officer Ron Jackson siad.

When school officials realized the IPads were stolen superintendent Sean McMannon says their disapointment was doubled.

“Shortly there after we discovered there had been a second cart that had had the same theft occur,” McMannon said.

Police believe the first incident happened over the weekend. 50 IPads stolen worth more than $25,000. They were meant for fifth graders to use for the first time, this Fall.

“They use them to research, they use them to write,” McMannon said.

Police suspect the man caught on camera knew they were there, on both occasions.

“It would seem illogical for somebody to just walk into a school district and expect to find that kind of thing there. So I think he had some kind of information they were there,” Jackson said.

The elementary school does have security measures like cameras and intercoms but the superintendent admits that things could be tighter during the summer.

“You have parents and you have students coming in and out of the school,” McMannon said.

Which might be why school employees who saw the man during the break in didn't think twice about it. McMannon is hoping the public sees the branded Ipads or the burglar to help bring back the educational tools.

“We hope that this person will recognize what they've done and return the IPads or that the police will be able to track him down and we'll get them back into our students hands,” McMannon said.

Police are hoping someone recognizes the man in the video and calls the Winooski police department at 802-655-0221.

The good news is that the IPads were insured the school district will get the IPads or what they're worth one way or another.

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