Josh Dickman: The Hawaiian Purple Knight

Josh Dickman: The Hawaiian Purple Knight

Saint Michael's freshman hockey player is one of two NCAA hockey players from Hawaii. So what drove him from the Aloha State to the Green Mountain State?
Essex, VT -- Hawaii has a lot going for it. Palm trees, volcanoes, surfing. One thing it definitely does not have a lot of? Hockey. That's how Saint Michael's freshman Josh Dickman found himself 4,924 miles from his home on the island of Kauai, Hawaii playing hockey in Vermont. He learned to to play on inline skates but found a love for the sport before he ever touched a stick.

"It wasn't even a stick in my hand, it was a movie." Dickman said. "Yeah, the Mighty Ducks. I was like, whoa. You know, whoa, that's hockey. Alright, shoots, I'm into it."

Why is he into it? It's just like his other passion, surfing.

"Well surfing is so deep on so many levels." Josh explained. "You have the ocean. And the ocean is just so big and powerful. And it's always flowing...always. Never stops. You know you got your board, you got your stick. Okay, you got your equipment. So now you've got the ice you've got the ocean. You've got your sheet, you've got your canvas to work on."

"A nice phrase I like to think about is 'calm open the water.' Josh continued. "Just staying calm and focused and in the zone. And then that time comes...that breakaway and then it's just me and the on one. Me and the wave. And so you get that moment and you make that move you shoot your goal and you stand up on the wave and now you're cruising. And then it's kind of like your victory, your celebration."

But no matter where Josh goes, he brings the words and music of his home state with him. Watch the story to hear Josh playing the ukulele.
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