Joshua Blow Charged in 2-Year-Old's Death, Pleads Not Guilty

Joshua Blow Charged in 2-Year-Old's Death, Pleads Not Guilty

Police and prosecutors are not buying Blow's description of an accident that took the life of Aiden Haskins.

BURLINGTON, Vt. – 26-year-old Joshua Blow  of Shelburne told police Aiden’s death was an accident but State Attorney TJ Donovan and police aren't buying it.

“This was not an accident. This was intentional,” Donovan said.

On Friday, Blow was in court to face his second-degree murder charge for killing 2-year-old Aiden Haskins. Blow pleaded not guilty and will be held without bail.

“The force of the injuries to this 2-year-old baby are inconsistent with any accident which is essentially is Mr. Blow’s defense in this case,” Donovan said.

Blow told police he woke up Tuesday morning and carried Aiden to the kitchen to get a drink. Aiden’s mom Ashley Stewart had already left for work.

Blow says he tripped on a cat while backing up and fell on top of Aiden, landing on the back of his head.

But police say he changed his story again and again.

“He gave five different accounts of what occurred,” Donovan said.

Medical examiners say Aiden had multiple skull fractures, fractures to his vertebrae, and bruises on his body. They say his injuries could not have been caused by an accidental fall.

This is the third death of a toddler in Vermont this year that has been linked by authorities to child abuse.

“I think everybody in this state should be outraged about what's going on. We have to get to people who are at risk, frankly pregnant mothers who are may be addicted to drugs,” Donovan said.

DCF commissioner Dave Yacovone says that DCF had an open case involving Ashley Stewart and her son Aiden Haskin around the time of his birth but that it was closed shortly afterwards.

Blow also has an active arrest warrant out of Florida for felony drug charges.

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